Polygiene ViralOff technology takes off with early adapters Maloja and other global brands

Publish date: 28 Apr 2020

Malmö, Sweden (April 28, 2020) – Polygiene, the global leader in branded odor control and stays fresh technologies continues to advance the development and production of ViralOff® technology that reduces over 99% of viruses in two hours* on treated fabrics. ViralOff launched on April 7[th], is now coming to market with multiple early adapters to combat the novel corona virus.

ViralOff provides brands a technology that can be applied to textiles, that can be utilized for garments, gear or accessories to minimize the potential risks of having viruses in the fabric. ViralOff is made in the EU and typically applied at the finishing stage of production. It has been tested against Influenza A, BirdFlu, Norovirus and Corona (SARS) over the years, and in all cases, achieves over 99% level of reduction.

Polygiene partner since 2009, Maloja was able to adapt their EU production facility and make available a consumer face mask with ViralOff.  The brand will have two styles available, starting with a launch of their Reusable Mask 2.0 in May. The design includes a three-layer reusable mouth-nose mask made of breathable polyester fabric with a nose clip and elastic bands for a comfortable position around the head and neck. The mask will completely seal the face and is suitable to wear with glasses and hearing aids. It will be available online and in select retail stores globally and available in several colors at a price of 50 euros in a 5-pack (retail price). Later in May, Maloja will have an additional offering with the Reusable Mask 3.0 that will include their well-known and loved pattern making designs.

Sven Kohler, head of production at Maloja notes, “As we are a sportswear brand, we are dealing with functional materials and finishings almost every day. Once we started developing face masks it was totally clear to put the same efforts into this product as we do for our functional clothing. Therefore, we believe a 3-layer construction plus ViralOff finishing on top, offers superior function without any compromises.”

Spanish partner, General Tactic who provides apparel and textiles for first responders in Spain and North America, has also quickly adapted and are producing ViralOff treated masks for these servicemen and women.

Additional European adapters include fellow German brand, Everbasics that just launched a scarf design that will provide coverage for the nose and mouth. Polish brand, Lekko has quickly adapted their offering to now include ViralOff and has multiple options for protecting yourself when in environments where you need to be more careful. Others include, Spira Protekta from Germany and UK provider, Screenworks that will launch a facemask and neck gaiter option.

Outside of Europe, Polygiene has launched with Litume in Tawain and new brand Airgill in South Korea, as well as JCT Limited in India where ViralOff is used in personal protection equipment and facemasks. In North America, partner ASRV has switched their apparel production to fulfil the need for masks and for every mask sold, will donate one to health care workers and first responders. Over 12,000 have already been donated.

With many more partners in the pipeline and nonstop requests and inquiries, the volumes projected are going to be substantial. Polygene is proud to be able to return to their roots that consisted in joining the fight when SARS broke out in 2004.

Ulrika Björk VD Polygiene concludes: ”We are working under high pressure with inquiries from local and global companies, actual and potential partners, and in the coming months we see a steady flow of deliveries to companies switching their production to be able to deliver products in demand in the healthcare sector or other sectors in need.”

For more information on ViralOff and inquiries, please visit: polygiene.com.

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* ISO18184:2019, ATCC VR-1679 (H3N2)

About Maloja
The Maloja brand is a leading sportswear brand in outdoor activities such as mountain biking, road cycling, cross country skiing, rock climbing, ski touring, freeriding and running. More than 900 dealers in 26 countries are supplied worldwide. Maloja has flagship stores located in Munich, Aschau, Freiburg, Oberstdorf, Wiesbaden, Innsbruck (Austria), Stowe (USA) and Seoul (Korea).  Currently, 800 new styles are developed and launched each year. 70% of Maloja‘s products are produced in factories in Europe and 30% in China. The functional clothing is to a large extent manufactured by VioModa in Bulgaria. Founded in 2014, VioModa is a subsidiary of Maloja and currently employs 250 people.

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