Adding value with chemistry

Polygiene Group is a global leader in the ingredient technologies sector, producing Freshness and Protection solutions that equip products and surfaces with antimicrobial, anti-odor and anti-counterfeit qualities.

Wearing our Scandinavian roots proudly, we emphasize sustainability and environmental responsibility, delivering value to our partners via an unwavering commitment to innovation and comprehensive business support.

OUR ViSion

Encourage and enable Mindful Living

Mindful Living encompasses the essence of awareness, compassion, responsibility and active participation in creating a more sustainable world.


Sustainable partnerships – we’re in it together

Polygiene Group provides advanced ingredient technologies that enhance product value and improve performance. But we also support our partners, helping them to leverage our solutions effectively. 

Polygiene Group technologies are at the forefront of developments in ingredient technology. And our team are experts in their fields. We provide extensive technical support and expertise – advising on treatment, ensuring compliance with relevant quality and environmental standards, facilitating testing, and acquiring accreditations and certifications.

Polygiene Group recognizes that many businesses need assistance communicating product benefits to consumers and end users. Our marketing team works closely with our partners to build awareness, maximize exposure and engage their target audience. From POS materials, such as hang-tags and sew-in labels, to collaborative social media campaigns and detailed product datasheets, we empower our partners to realize the full potential of Polygiene Group solutions.

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Actively seeking opportunity

Polygiene Group is a proactive organization that actively seeks growth opportunities. We achieve this in three main ways.

We pioneer advanced technologies, cultivate innovative solutions and invest in product development to elevate our services and bolster support

We identify emerging market needs and act quickly to exploit commercial opportunities – be they new technologies, markets or product categories

With an established reputation as an industry leader, we continuously seek product and company acquisitions that align with our Mindful Living vision.

core values

Living Polygiene Group’s Values

To uphold our customer promise and grow, we must align with Polygiene’s culture and values. Our vision and mission define our goals, while our values guide our work and relationships. We proudly serve as dedicated ambassadors for Polygiene Group.


Polygiene Team 2024

The history of Polygiene


Polygiene and Addmaster Innovate Textiles

Polygiene Group launches a new bio-based technology in the Freshness segment. Addmaster opens up a new category within geotextiles.


Polygiene Group focuses on hard surfaces

Polygiene Group acquires SteriTouch and Biomaster US, with a focus on Product Protection and hard surfaces.


Polygiene® acquires Addmaster Holdings Limited

Polygiene® acquires Addmaster Holdings Limited, making it a comprehensive supplier of antimicrobial solutions for both hard and soft surfaces.


Polygiene launches Polygiene ViralOff™

In response to the global pandemic, Polygiene® launches the antimicrobial technology Polygiene ViralOff for treatment of materials and products that reduces tested viruses by 99%.


Polygiene OdorCrunch™ wins sustainability award

Polygiene OdorCrunch wins the coveted Sustainability Award presented by the Scandinavian Outdoor Group (SOG). Polygiene sees a high growth in fashion and home textiles and the subsidiary in China is established.

Polygiene OdorCrunch™ technology is launched

With a revised Sales and Marketing strategy, the Polygiene® brand is not just seen as a consumer benefit but also as an added value that prolongs a product’s life and contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle. Polygiene OdorCrunch technology is launched.

Polygiene is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market

Listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market. Breakthrough in the Footwear segment with Converse in Japan and in the Home Design segment with Evezary and Fogini in South Korea.

Expansion within the Lifestyle and Fashion segments globally

Further consumer research helps Polygiene® define initiatives to establish leadership within the Stays Fresh category for the Lifestyle and Fashion segment globally.


Breakthrough in the global sportswear market

Breakthrough in the global sportswear market due to cooperation with Adidas.

Breakthrough in the U.S. Sport & Outdoor segment

Breakthrough in the U.S. Sport & Outdoor segment due to cooperation with key outdoor brands.

The next steps

Consumer research is conducted. The Company discovers how to go to market and which brands to focus on.

Entering the Sports segment

Sports and outdoor brands approach Polygiene® to find a solution to the odor problem.

Polygiene® is established

Polygiene® is established. Initially, the focus is on hard surfaces and materials for hospital environments.

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Meet the team inside Polygiene Group

Emphasizing diversity and inclusion, we foster innovation and collaboration among our multicultural staff. Our commitment to equality and zero tolerance for discrimination creates a dynamic, welcoming environment.


We’re in Malmö – and wherever you are

Our headquarters are in Malmö, Sweden. But we’re a company with a global reach and with partners all over the world, in virtually every sector. We’re only a visit, an email, a Zoom or a phone call away. Wherever you are, we’re here to help.

+46 (0) 40 26 22 22

Polygiene Group AB
Styrmansgatan 2
SE-211 18 Malmö


More than 18 certifications across our products

Safety and sustainability are our top priority. That’s why our technologies always get the hardest-to-achieve certifications.

Our global technical team is always on hand to support mills, processors, compounders and material partners both at the start-up and during the production stages. This is to ensure treatments are carried out in the correct manner and guarantee that the Polygiene values are met on behalf of our partners. The technical team forms an integral part of the global framework working with the Polygiene commercial and marketing teams and supporting our partners.

When Polygiene partners decide to work with us, we ensure the technologies work as they should – and not just in terms of functionality. We take care to use just the right amount of treatment, ensure that we fit our partner’s production method, and aim to apply the technology at the same time as other steps in the production process – all to keep water and energy usage to a minimum.

Generally a very low dosage of Polygiene’s technologies is needed, most often added during the production process.