Polygiene Group: leading the market for Freshness and Protection

Polygiene Group develops industry-leading ingredient technologies while providing our partners with manufacturing, marketing and regulatory support. 

From antimicrobial and anti-odor additives to anti-counterfeit solutions, our advanced technologies enhance product value, enabling our partners to distinguish themselves in highly competitive markets. 

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Mindful Living – technologies that shape a better world

At the core of our mission lies our Scandinavian ethos, propelling us to enhance lives and shape a better world through the strategic application of relevant technologies and services. We are dedicated to empowering brands, enabling them to create a meaningful impact in the lives of individuals and the global community. 

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This is the Polygiene Group

In line with our ambition to deliver a comprehensive range of ingredient and additive-based technologies for both hard and soft surfaces, Polygiene Group operates several distinct brands.

Polygiene supplies antimicrobial, anti-odor and shed-protection solutions for soft surfaces, keeping textiles odor-free and fresher for longer, while extending product lifespan. 

Addmaster delivers technical additive solutions for hard surfaces. Featuring antimicrobial, anti-counterfeit, and bespoke scent additives, the Addmaster product range protects surfaces, safeguards brand integrity, and strengthens customer loyalty. 

SteriTouch antimicrobial technology inhibits microbial growth, enhancing product hygiene and durability across various industries, including healthcare, food processing, and consumer goods.

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Nasdaq ESG transparency partner

Nasdaq First North first began trading Polygiene’s AB shares in 2016. More recently, we were recognized as a Nasdaq ESG Transparency Partner – a certification given to companies that demonstrate a high level of transparency to investors regarding environmental, social, and governance issues (ESG).

Designed to help investors make more ethical investment decisions, the “Green Badge” certification particularly recognizes Polygiene’s corporate commitment to sustainability through our technologies and our mission to go above and beyond the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Sustainability is central to the Polygiene Group ethos

True to our Scandinavian origins, Polygiene Group emphasizes social responsibility and believes in our ability to shape a better tomorrow. 

This is evident across all Polygiene Group brands. Polygiene’s Freshness and Protection technologies facilitate the transition from consumables to durables, extending product lifespan and reducing their environmental impact.

Addmaster solutions are typically integrated into multi-use plastics and enhance material longevity, resulting in more sustainable surfaces. Organisationally, it is committed to reducing its environmental impact, upholding rigorous environmental standards and drivingimprovement initiatives.

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