Sustainability – it’s in our DNA

Polygiene Group is the global leader in antimicrobial technologies and odor control solutions. We treat hard surfaces and textiles to ensure products are better protected and remain more hygienic. That increases the longevity of our customers’ products, so they don’t have to be replaced so frequently.

Because sustainability is built-in to our tech, we’re uniquely placed to help to drive meaningful change in our world, to ensure products last as long as they possibly can before they need to be replaced.


Sustainability in practice

Polygiene conducted an external lifecycle assessment of a T-shirt with SWECO. This cradle-to-grave analysis looked at the environmental impacts associated with all the stages of the product’s life. The results were illuminating. Polygiene discovered that washing half as much reduces the overall environmental impact by one third. One less wash means:

  • 51 KWH saved per year

    That’s 500 hours of computing

  • 3800 litres of water

    That’s nearly 50 bathtubs

Polygiene technologies keep textiles fresher for longer, so you can wash less – that saves water, energy, reduces microfiber shedding and ultimately means that you don’t have to replace the garment so frequently. And, ultimately, the only way to really do the world a favour is to wear our clothing longer and buy fewer new garments and products.


Advancing sustainable plastic solutions

Addmaster’s additives are primarily integrated into multi-use plastics. In stark contrast to single-use plastics, notorious for their detrimental environmental impact, multi-use plastics present a more sustainable option. This strategic direction resonates deeply with Addmaster’s mission to advocate for responsible consumption and production practices.

Innovation remains at the forefront of Addmaster’s endeavours as it continually strives to develop products that prioritise environmental sustainability. Through systematic monitoring and annual policy assessments, Addmaster diligently upholds its pledge to sustainable practices, ensuring a brighter and more sustainable future for generations to come.


Sustainability from the inside out

While our technologies are inherently focused on improving sustainability, it’s not enough for us to rely on the direct impact of our products on consumers. We feel it’s our responsibility to do whatever we can to work toward a better future. So, we continue that commitment to reducing our impact on the world in every aspect of our organisation.

Polygiene Group is fully aligned with the global goals for sustainable development adopted by the UN General Assembly – both within Polygiene Group, in our supply chain and with our partners. In particular:

  • Good health and well-being (Goal 3)
    Reducing the need for harsh chemicals, antibiotics and medical intervention.
  • Clean water & sanitation (Goal 6)
    Reducing water usage, pollution as well as post-consumer, food and chemical waste.
  • Responsible consumption & production (Goal 12)
    Reducing the need for new products and resources.
  • Climate action (Goal 13)
    Improve awareness, education and capacity on climate change mitigation

Ultimately, we want to create a new mindset in consumers, in our partners, in the industries in which we work and in the world in which we all live. It’s a concept we call Mindful Living®