Polygiene Stays Fresh Technology in Uniforms for South Korean and South Asian Market

Publish date: 27 Mar 2019

New Korean partner, TOV The Garment Maker Co. Ltd, will start production of treated uniforms in April 2019 under its own military brand Hyperops.

The company was established in 2012 and covers the police and armed forces market both in South Korea and throughout South Asia, with an extensive export to the Indian army, among others.

“The Polygiene odor control technology and Stays Fresh solution will upgrade our product lines with an added functionality and provide higher end users’ satisfaction”, says Mr. Hanson Yoon, CEO of the company.

TOV The Garment Maker, manufactures and distributes through two house brands, Hyperops and Tameju, targeting both the military and outdoor market. The company has sales and production facilities both in South Korea and Vietnam. In addition, it is also a sourcing company for a number of international lifestyle, sports and military brands and acts as OEM and ODM (Original Design Manufacturing), as well.