Polygiene OdorCrunch[TM ]Stays Fresh technology set to be an innovation highlight at Performance Days

Publish date: 30 Nov 2021

Polygiene OdorCrunch[TM ]Stays Fresh, a technology based on natural materials which extends the life of clothing and other gear, promises to be one of the highlights at this week’s Performance Days Digital Fair, taking place on Wednesday 1 December and Thursday 2 December.

Three fabrics treated with Polygiene OdorCrunchTM have received the prestigious ‘100% Jury Like’ recommendation in the Accessories category from the Performance Days Forum jury: two from Pontetorto and one from Hemp Fortex Industries.

Jury member Marco Weichert says these products provide examples of exactly the type of innovation required in today’s outdoor and fashion market.

“The fabrics carry our 100% Jury Like, as they completely meet the current needs and demands in the outdoor and fashion industry: functionality from nature on fabrics that are made from nature-based materials an important sustainable trend,” he explains.

Polygiene OdorCrunchTM, which consists of silica, the main ingredient in sand, helps keep an apparel item or accessory product fresh, reducing the need to put it through the laundry and therefore making it last longer – significantly lowering its impact on the environment.

The technology works by removing any body odors along with environmental odors such as cooking fumes or smoke, by encapsulating the odor molecules and cracking them, removing the offensive odor for the lifetime of the product.

Polygiene OdorCrunchTM therefore gives extra functionality for the wearer as well as helping boost the sustainability of the clothing or gear.

The technology, which is bluesign® and Oeko-Tex® Eco Passport certified, is being adopted by a growing number of brands, with Danish label Mos Mosh applying it to its Marco Crunch jersey shirt, for instance.

Danish brand Mos Mosh, whose collections can be found in more than 2,000 retail stores, is one of the latest companies to adopt this technology. It began a collaboration with Polygiene this year and has begun the partnership with its best-selling shirts, including its Marco Crunch jersey shirt. Brand Manager Mads Gyldendal Fogh, says, “this soft cotton shirt is perfect for a man on the run, with Polygiene OdorCrunch technology leaving your shirt fresh after each wear”.

The three fabrics treated with Polygiene OdorCrunchTM which have a ‘100% Jury Like’ recommendation will be among several other products featuring the technology to be showcased throughout Performance Days.

In addition, Sean Tindale, the Polygiene chief marketing officer, will be giving an Expert Talk on ‘Circularity, Sustainability and Clarity’ on the second day of the show. He will be explaining how Polygiene® is helping to close the loop and how the company helps brands capitalize on their sustainability messaging in a clear, easy-to-understand way for their end-consumers.

The talk will take place on Thursday 2 December at 11.40-12.10 CET and can be joined via Live Stream on Loop – the Performance Days digital platform.