Polygiene News – November 2020

Publish date: 9 Nov 2020

Dear member of the Polygiene family! Here you will find the latest news, and information from Polygiene. Get updated on antimicrobial textiles, new up-and-coming brands, find inspiration on sustainability, and discover what is going on in the markets around the world.


Making the right claims is the right thing

When COVID-19 hit the world, of course, people flocked to sell “antiviral” properties. Many with good intentions, some with less sincere claims. It is good and desirable that authorities worldwide act to protect the consumer, since making false claims will hurt both the one making it as well as the industry at large. Here we are doing our best to define what is the right thing to do, right now!

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Your mop cleans the house, but who cleans the mop?

In these days, washing hands, clothes and housecleaning is frequent. But what happens then to microfiber cloths, floor wipes or dish towels?

HSP Hanse Shopping launches a new range of mass-market cleaning products, all treated with Polygiene’s ViralOff®, which will destroy over 99% of SARS-CoV-2, other viruses and bacteria in two hours in the material. This reduces the need to hot wash or even discard them, out of concern for viruses and other microbes.

The products are intended for the mass market in Europe and North America, through supermarkets and other mass retail outlets, to be made available at over 50 000 retail stores in Europe and almost 100 000 retail stores in the US.

“There is a huge interest in these products in the market, and the inquiries of current and many new trade partners is phenomenal!”, adds Martin Nabben, Managing Director at HSP.“Studies have shown that viruses can live for days, even weeks, in textiles”, says Haymo Strubel, VP EMEA for Polygiene. “You wouldn’t clean a floor with a dirty mop, and you shouldn’t clean for viruses with a mop that still contains viruses from the last cleaning.”

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Nomad and Polygiene teaming for the optimal sleeping bag

The new NOMAD® Gemini 1100 sleeping bag with Polygiene stay fresh technology is the ultimate winter sleeping bag for adventurers. The sleeping bag is equipped with everything one needs to stay warm in extremely cold temperatures and you can be sure to stand out in the outdoors with unmistakably NOMAD® yellow. Plus, no need to wash the Gemini sleeping bag as often – the lining has been treated with Polygiene. This prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi at the source, permanently. So, wash less, use more and be climate-smart.

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Eco-friendly towels with a Scandinavian touch

Nordifakt uses technology to create simple, long-lasting and eco-friendly products that make a noticeable difference in people’s lives. Polygiene’s technology is engineered into all the products, which means less washing and less replacing. The combination of technology and durability is good for the environment as well as your wallet.

They strongly believe that adding technology to the products is the future and a way to carry sustainability even further, and that’s why they chose to work with Polygiene. Eco-friendly does not mean we need to go back to the time of horse-drawn carriage to protect the environment. Instead, they are finding ways to use technology in a positive way, to improve and make the products that surround ourselves with healthier, more efficient and smarter.

Nordifakt is located in Copenhagen in Denmark, and their products are made in Portugal.

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Changed rules for active ingredient – should be Silver chloride by June 2021

The European chemicals agency ECHA decided in August 2020 that the active ingredient in silver treatments must be described as Silver chloride instead of Reaction mass of titanium dioxide and silver chloride, which has been the case until now. There will be a transition time until June 2021. Before this date, the new description has to be implemented in texts describing the active ingredient, on hangtags or packaging material etc.

This is only valid for Europe (under the biocidal products regulation, BPR) and it is done in order to get a harmonization with the rest of the world.


SilverTek is going for gold in the market for advanced mask design with its FDA-listed ViralOff NanoFit Mask

Polygiene is excited to partner with U.S. brand Silvertek to provide the award-winning antimicrobial textile treatment ViralOff® to the NanoFit Mask.

Months prior to the pandemic, SilverTek was already developing an advanced facemask with their FDA-registered manufacturer and had the benefit of time and experience to craft their proprietary FDA-listed mask for optimal comfort and breathability. Registration and listing provide the FDA with the location of medical device establishments and the devices manufactured there. Knowing where devices are made increases the nation’s ability to prepare for and respond to public health emergencies.”We wanted to find the best antimicrobial treatment for our NanoFit mask and evaluated numerous companies in the process”, states Silvertek President Ji-mei Ma. Further noting: “We were looking for a partner we could trust – who was environmentally friendly, wellness-conscious, and an established player in the field of antimicrobial technologies. We are glad to have selected Polygiene and have ViralOff® protect our NanoFit Masks.”

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Sales blast for partner Takeo Kikuchi with Polygiene branded digital ads generating sales four times higher than from non-branded ads

This hot summer, our Japanese partner Takeo Kikuchi did a retail (102 stores) and social media sales campaign for their Stays fresh polo shirts, in cooperation with us. And the results were astonishing!

With the same budget, target and duration… the only difference was content focusing on Polygiene or not, the sales coming from the branded digital ads were almost four times the sales of the non-branded ads and the return on advertising spend over 6000%.

For the first push – the shirts were sold in via the Takeo Instagram and FB accounts, promoting the item’s design, color and functionality with a link to their webshop. The ads mentioned the Polygiene functionality but did not show the logo.

For the second push (sponsored by Polygiene) – the Polygiene logo and messaging were placed in the ads, that were distributed from the Polygiene’s social media accounts with links to the Takeo webshop.

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Canclini and Polygiene boost high-quality shirts with ViralOff technology

Canclini 1925 have ViralOff technology on their shirt fabrics since last season. The Canclini collection offers a wide range of cotton and non-cotton items. The company strongly believes in this project and despite the difficulties of the moment, linked to a firm market and the impediment of travel, and aim to propose this textile innovation also for the current collection for spring 2022.

Although volumes are small today, it is a project with excellent growth potential. The brands and the final consumer are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of this type of fabrics treated with Polygiene ViralOff that protects the fabric and reduces the growth of tested viruses by over 99% in two hours. Additionally, the product will not have to be washed or even discarded out of fear of viruses or bacteria. Which is good both for the environment and the shirt, that will last longer and look nicer due to less washing.

Canclini is proud of the collaboration with Polygiene as both companies uphold the same vision values: tradition, passion, innovation and quality.

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Polygiene ViralOff is proven to reduce 99% of germs within two hours on the material itself. This is a tested and certified technology per the global standard of ISO18184:2019 against SARS-CoV-2, H3N2 and H1N1. It protects treated fabrics from bacterial and viral contamination but does not protect against infection or disease.