Polygiene News – July 2020

Publish date: 15 Sep 2020

Dear member of the Polygiene family! Here you will find the latest news, and information from Polygiene. Get updated on antimicrobial textiles, new up-and-coming brands, find inspiration on sustainability, and discover what is going on in the markets around the world.

Antiviral, COVID-19 and you – your guide to a confusing market 

As always when there are fast developments and lots of interest, involvement and money in a new field, there are many claims and disruptions. Here it is equal parts marketing, tech and legal issues that shape the market and, in many ways, distort it! So, I wanted to give you a report on what I think are important matters if you are working with antiviral treatments and their claims, and hopefully straighten out some question marks as well.And finally, the beautiful paradox: How the external scare factor of virus contamination, that logically should lead to more awareness of hygiene, instead can lead to less washing.

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Polygiene fills up with Diesel – unique deal with virus-fighting denim

The innovative denim treatment with ViralOff® will be implemented across a selection of the brand’s Spring/Summer 2021 denim styles, aiming at a greater range of products moving forward.

Diesel is a fashion powerhouse, famous for denim and cutting-edge urban clothing, and since their start 40 years ago, Diesel has expanded from a jeans specialist label to a broader, wide-ranging lifestyle brand. Now they make products over the entire lifestyle spectrum; from kid’s apparel, to fragrances, watches and jewelry, eyewear, to furniture. Diesel is today part of the OTB (Only The Brave) group, with an annual turnover of EUR 1.5 Billion.

The ViralOff treatment reduces viruses on the textiles, which also means they need to be washed less frequently. This, in turn, makes the clothes live longer. Skipping every other wash on a pair of jeans will reduce its environmental footprint decisively. The addition of Odor Crunch in the denim will also make them protected from surrounding odors.

The result? The perfect jeans – no smell and no washing needed!

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More than premium textiles from manufacturing partner Allcost & Aquatowel

At our partner Allcost from Portugal, the priority is on innovation, quality and sustainability when producing bed, bath and table linen for hospitality and home departments, and they go further and aim to excel in responding quickly to the needs of their customers through their know-how.

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Regional importance of regulatory claims and disclaimer

The importance of labeling correctly for brand liability with ViralOff® is key for the legality of your product and brand. As the market continues to expand with more and more claims regarding “antiviral performance”, the more confusing the whole landscape is becoming. (See the main article by CMO Georgson.) Besides understanding how to communicate the correct messaging of an antiviral technology to your consumer, there are legal and PR ramifications that will hurt your brand if not done correctly.At Polygiene, we work with our customers to help navigate this landscape and make sure our disclaimers – one being that “ViralOff is not intended to prevent disease, it is used for the protection of the treated product” – are always visible and included. As this category of antiviral performance continues to develop around the globe, we’ll keep working hard to ensure our brands have a supportive partner in navigating this growing field as well.



Stox socks get standing ovations

The Daily Pro Socks are high-tech compression socks that are worn by people with a standing profession. Two of their ambassadors – a hairdresser and a chef – use the Daily Pro Socks and can confirm that even after long days of standing, no longer experience painful feet, ankles, or legs.

STOX Energy Socks are high-performance compression socks that stimulate blood circulation in your legs and optimize the oxygen-capacity of your muscles. Waste fluids will be distributed from your legs faster, resulting in a fitter and more vital feeling! All of their socks, produced in Italy, have the same high-tech compression technique. The socks differ in materials to suit different categories; travel, daily wear, sports and medical. Stox mission is to help the consumer feel better and in shape.

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BONMAX x ViralOff fundraising project

On the 5th of July, BONMAX from Japan released its fundraising project on the platform called “Makuake”. They first set its target to 1880 USD, but now they have committed to achieve over ten times that sum – 25,420 USD! They use ViralOff® in t-shirts, face covers and a small pouch to keep your face covers clean.

Under this pandemic circumstance, antivirally treated face covers are still on high demand. At the same time, an antivirally treated pouch was such a great idea to meet niche needs from the consumers to keep their reusable face covers clean while they are unworn at restaurants, cafés or in the office.

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Returnity and Polygiene partner to create first-ever antimicrobial reusable packaging

Returnity and Polygiene partner to create first-ever antimicrobial reusable packaging to combat the surge of plastic waste due to COVID-19. Returnity from NY has partnered with Polygiene to create an improved reusable packaging product, treated with Polygiene’s ViralOff®.

Returnity is the leader in implementing reusable shipping packaging, designing and manufacturing cost-effective and lightweight boxes and bags that are disrupting the wasteful, expensive, and environmentally harmful shipping packaging market, a way for companies to shift to the circular economy.

“By creating this system that prioritizes safety with antimicrobial coating for our packaging, we are providing a legitimate reusable option that the consumer can feel good about – from both a safety standpoint and an environmental one”, says Mike Newman, CEO of Returnity Innovations.”

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