Polygiene launches Youtube campaign for Japanese consumers

Publish date: 16 May 2017

Increasingly Japanese consumers with spending power are demanding odor control in workout clothing, shoes, protective gear, helmets and home textiles. Polygiene is now strengthening its brand position as a leading supplier of odor control technology as well as the partner to premium brands in Japan.

Sports enthusiasts, homemakers and people on the go are the target audiences of three videos that illustrate the problem of body odor. This tactical YouTube ad campaign rolls out as summer temperatures soar and directs viewers to stores that feature a selection of Polygiene-treated products. The goal of the campaign is to show that Polygiene prevents bad odors from settling into clothing, gear and home textiles as well as the supporting argument that you do not need to wash them as frequently when your textiles do not smell bad, that is to say, “Wear More. Wash Less®”.

Polygiene adds value as a brand partner to several premium brands available in Japan, including The North Face, Ellesse, Helly Hansen, Danskin, Wacoal, World and Showa Nishikawa. 

“We have tailored the campaign for Japan by working directly with a team of Japanese creators who adapted the videos to our target audience so that we are able to spread our message in a way that works for the Japanese market. We have also developed a specific tagline in Japanese that has been tested on Japanese consumers,” says Kristina Kruhsberg, Head of Marketing at Polygiene. “This campaign and landing page are part of a major effort that we are now undertaking in Japan to reach the end consumer. We are also collaborating with our partners in various events, in-store activities and contests to demonstrate that Polygiene is the leading solution for odor control in Japan.”

A landing page in Japanese has been built as a digital hub for this campaign as well as upcoming ones. These three campaign videos will also be shown on the Polygiene YouTube channel and spread via social media.




Polygiene’s Japanese landing page: http://polygiene.jp/japan/