Polygiene Group signs agreement with new distributor in China

Publish date: 15 Feb 2023

To accelerate growth in China, the Polygiene Group has signed an agreement with Suzhou Standing TextileTechnologies Ltd., a Jiangsu Province-based textile supplier and distributor of domestic and global brands. The collaboration reflects the Group’s focus on expanding its reach in China by welcoming distributors as new sales channel partners within the Freshness segment.

Increasing sales through close collaboration with distributors as channel partners is an integral part of Polygiene’sgrowth strategy in China, which has proven successful for the Group’s hard-surface segment. Partnering with experienced distributors in China with well-established networks within the textile industry will allow Polygiene to expand its sales force and increase revenue while keeping its costs relatively low. The Polygiene team in China will continue to provide customer service and support.

“Polygiene focuses on developing antibacterial and freshness technologies, challenging manufacturers and consumers alike to adopt a more sustainable mindset regarding textile production and use. We share Polygiene’s vision of a sustainability revolution within the textile industry and aim to promote the production of longer-lasting, more sustainable garments,” says Sunny Yung, General Manager of Suzhou Standing Textiles and Technology. “Adopting a ‘Wear More Wash Less’ mindset throughout the value chain ­– from textile manufacturers to the consumers – is a win-win-situation for us all.” 

“By leveraging STT’s expansive network and established foothold, Polygiene can achieve more rapid growth in China,” notes Ulrika Björk, CEO, Polygiene Group. “We signed the agreement with STT in 2022 and have quickly seen positive developments. I look forward to strengthening our relationship in the coming years as China reopensafter three years of Covid closure.”

Within months of signing the agreement, STT has fast become one of Polygiene’s major customers within the Freshness segment, delivering to global brands such as FILA and leading domestic manufacturers, including Shenghong Holding Group, a major supplier for all premium brands in China.