Polygiene goes to town with STOGO gloves

Publish date: 18 Jun 2020

Polygiene’s ViralOff® treatment has spurred many entrepreneurs to think of good uses. Now a startup named STOGO have started manufacturing urban action gloves with ViralOff® treatment.


The name is based on FOGO (Fear of going out, a concept from Mark Manson who wrote: “The Subtle Art of not Giving a F..k!”).

FOGO is the inversion of fear of missing out (FOMO). Whereas someone with FOMO feels constant anxiety that they may be missing out on something spectacular by staying in, people with FOGO live with constant anxiety about what might happen if they leave their homes.

So enter the brand STOGO – Safe to go out! You don’t have to take these gloves off as conductive fingertips on thumb and index finger allow you to access electronics without compromising protection on mobile devices, ATMs, and self-checkout screens.

The ViralOff treatment reduces germs and bacteria by 99% in less than 2 hours. It also stops the growth of odor-causing bacteria, so the gloves will stay fresh after each use.

Every part of this glove is made from recycled materials.

“As soon as I read the concept of FOGO, people staying at home out of fear, I wanted to do something about it”, says Jenn Tse, founder of STOGO. “These gloves can stay on all day and in essence give you the same freedom you had before.”

“When we launched ViralOff, we invited inventors and entrepreneurs to come up with novel ideas for products to fight back during these tough times. STOGO is a great example that we wanted to highlight – together we can really change things for the better”, says Ulrika Björk, CEO Polygiene.

ViralOff is not intended to prevent disease, it is used for the protection of the treated product.

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