Patagonia Capilene 4 Pro Review

Publish date: 9 Jun 2015

Patagonia has incorporated the best fabrics into one amazing base-layer combination. The Women’s Capilene® 4 Pro Zip-Neck and Pro Boot Bottoms feature not only Capilene® 4, they also include R1 fleece and Polygiene. Don’t let the tech speak scare you away, these base-layers are soft, comfortable, and super cute.

Patagonia Capilene® 4 Pro Zip-Neck Fabric

For starters, Capilene® is a polyester wicking fiber that is composed of 35% or more recycled content. There are various weights of Capilene®, with Capilene® 4 is the thickest and warmest of the Capilene fabric line, making it perfect for cold weather pursuits. The wicking fibers are strategically placed in high heat areas; underarms, torso, upper back, and neck, to help keep you dry and ultimately warm.R1® fleece is soft and provides added warmth in less heat producing areas. While Polygiene® helps to keep your layers smelling clean. Polygiene® is an anti-bacterial agent that has been incorporated into the garment, which allows you to extend the garments number of wears before washing. Both Polygiene® and Capilene® are bluesign approved, which means they are made in the most eco-friendly industry standards during production.

My husband will tell you, my base layers tend to smell after only one wear. Apparently, I produce a great medium for bacteria to grow and make a top or bottom smell! The Patagonia Women’s Capilene® 4 Pro Zip-Neck has been amazing, in one week I was able to run 4 days in a row in the top, wear it for 3 ski days, and bum around the house before and after these adventures. Not one, “Oooh, you stink!” comment was made. I have had the garment for just over two months and I have washed it only a few times. The idea behind this addition to the garment is to not set records for lack of washing, rather reduce the garments eco-footprint.