NNT and Polygiene team up to create new frontline workwear uniforms for health professionals

Publish date: 4 Aug 2022

If you work in a high-pressure environment, you want to feel fresh and comfortable. When it’s a medical or care workplace, the added advantage of clothing that’s not just smart but also inhibits bacterial growth is obvious. To tick all these boxes, NNT and Polygiene have teamed up to create a new range of protective uniforms and scrubs for health professionals.

The new workwear, marketed under the Workwear Group logo, incorporates Polygiene’s innovative StayFresh™ technology. StayFresh specifically works to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria in fabric. Polygiene’s principle of “Wear more. Wash less” means that treated garments can be washed less frequently, saving time, water, and energy.

This not only reduces the use of valuable resources but also cuts the number of potential pollutants released into the environment, such as detergents and microfibres from the clothes themselves. It also prolongs the garment’s life, creating more sustainable work wear that lasts longer, has less bacterial load even after repeated wearing, and smells fresher.

How does it work?

Polygiene StayFresh uses a silver salt solution that’s been tested rigorously by independent laboratories for its safety and effectiveness. It’s anti-microbial and inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria. As it’s incorporated into the garments during the manufacturing process, it keeps on working for the lifetime of the garment.

The results are scrubs and uniforms that give the wearer personal confidence and all-day freshness but that don’t cost the earth in energy or resources. The potential for expansion into other areas is substantial, and both Polygiene and NNT see the advantages of a wide range of uniforms and workwear going forward.

Polygiene’s proven track record

Polygiene’s proven track record in creating effective antimicrobial and anti-odor technology has encouraged NNT to partner up with the Scandinavian company.

”NNT is proud to partner with Polygiene, a trusted global brand used by fashion brands all over the world, for use on our scrubs fabrics,” comments NNT Senior Designer Ann Morgan. “We chose them because the durability of the Polygiene finish has been tested and proven to last for 100 washes, plus it’s bluesign® approved, meaning that it’s more environmentally conscious. It’s aligned with our company values for ethical and social responsibility,” she adds.

A bright future

The new range of workwear is already available within the Workwear Group portfolio under the  brand NNT Uniforms. It includes NNT Next-Gen Active Scrubs, NNT Vital Scrubs, and NNT Petal Print ranges. Uptake on these ranges is predicted to grow considerably over the next 12 months. In the last six months, orders have already reached an impressive 300,000 units.

NNT has been on the frontline of uniform manufacturing since 1962, working alongside frontline workers. They take real pride in designing uniforms created using the input of the people who wear them every day.

Evolution that combines fashion and function

Today, NNT partners with many organizations ranging from some of the world’s best-known brands through to small businesses. As a result, the NNT collection continues to evolve to help even more organizations succeed with a compelling combination of fashion and function.

“We are proud to partner with NNT to grow our offering within the WWG portfolio, a respected global provider, of high quality and performance workwear”, shares Ulrika Björk, Polygiene CEO. Björk continues, “The added value of Polygiene StayFresh performance in these scrubs will provide the frontline in the healthcare industry the confidence of a hygienic uniform as well as confidence in a fresh uniform when in a public arena. We look forward to continuing to grow our partnership in the seasons to come.”

For more information on NNT Uniforms <link nnt.com.au>