”Just incredible” says ProLite Gear on Polygiene

Publish date: 31 Aug 2015

Watch Prolite Gear’s “Base Layer Buying Guide” YouTube video and see what Craig Delger and Brad Baumann say about how pure synthetics are the material of choice for trail runners, thanks to exceptional technologies for odor control and moisture management. “I’ve used it (Polygiene) over and over again and am continually impressed with it. It’s something that doesn’t wash out of the fabric because it is permanently embedded in… and you can wear this stuff over and over and it doesn’t stink.” says Brad Baumann “If you haven’t already heard of Polygiene, I predict you’re gonna hear a lot more about it.” says Craig Delger To see the YouTube clip on Polygiene click here. 

To see the entire Prolite Gear “Base layer buying guide” click here.