Diesel & Polygiene button up the secondhand market

Publish date: 17 Dec 2021

This summer Diesel started a buyback program of used Diesel denim jeans that are reconditioned and resold via Diesel Second Hand in their brand stores in Italy and online. All jeans are treated with the Polygiene (https://polygiene.com/diesel-polygiene-button-up-the-secondhand-market/)® technologies OdorCrunch[TM] and ViralOff[TM]* as a final step before they are resold. In many ways the most important action as it makes the jeans stay fresh, makes sure they can be washed less, and allows consumers to use them for many years to come.

Diesel is now added to the list of brands that are setting up secondhand and rental solutions to their existing business, which is getting much attention in media**

“Diesel chief executive Massimo Piombini seems genuinely surprised by the response to the launch of Diesel Second Hand. On launch day, November 3, the brand sold 50 of 150 pairs of reconditioned jeans, priced between €75 and €115 — about half the cost of a new pair. ‘We were expecting much less, to be honest. If this is the trend, this is not just going to be a good project, but a very profitable one’.” Annachiara Biondi, Financial Times

“After the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier and Valentino announced they will offer customers the chance to buy rental and vintage fashion products, Diesel is the latest big name to make its entrance into the vintage space. Denim brands moving into the resale space comes as no surprise. Not only is it a sound brand equity play as far as the environment is concerned, but it also lets them tap into Gen-Z and Millenial shopping habits.” Graeme Campbell, Highsnobiety

“It’s great to see how Diesel is joining the secondhand-movement, and the value our technologies add to their products, which makes the message of slow fashion and pre-loved even stronger. For the growing number of brands that look to embrace circular fashion, our technologies can be an important part of the solution, and we are ready to support in that process!”, says Ulrika Björk, CEO Polygiene.

*Polygiene OdorCrunchTM and Polygiene ViralOffTM -technologies are applied to each denim featuring anti-microbial, odor-resistant, and garment-protective properties.

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