Dcore’s Hug Me campaign spreads positive environmental message at the gym

Publish date: 4 Nov 2016

“Hug more, wash less” is the message that fitness clothing maker Dcore is spreading in its Hug Me campaign. The campaign promotes closer contact among gym-goers and workout clothing that stinks less with the help of Dcore’s new collection of fitness apparel treated with Polygiene Odor Control Technology. Beginning Monday, November 7, 2016, Dcore takes its campaign and its new workout wear collection on the road to about 30 gyms in Sweden.

Dcore workout clothing treated with Polygiene solves a problem that all gym-goers are familiar with – namely, sweaty smelly gym clothes. Dcore CEO Adam Tell knows this problem all too well, having worked for more than 10 years as a personal trainer before founding the company. 

“Unpleasant odor at gyms is a sensitive subject. Our Hug Me campaign puts a positive spin on an touchy subject and makes it easy to talk about how to stay fresh in the gym,” says Adam. “Treating Dcore clothing with Polygiene Odor Control Technology reduces the environmental impact of the clothing that consumers buy in two ways: washing clothing too often and discarding the garments before clothing reaches the end of its useful life.”

Studies show that only seven percent of all garments are washed because they are actually dirty, instead consumers launder clothing to freshen it up. Each wash, however, contributes to wear and tear on textile fibers as well as higher electricity and water consumption. Polygiene is the global market leader in odor control and has as its mission, in partnership with more than a hundred global premium brands, to influence consumers to wear clothing more and wash it less frequently.

“With Dcore’s Hug Me campaign, we are strengthening our partnership by spreading our positive environmental message to Dcore’s loyal customers who are avid gym-goers,” says Christian von Uthmann, Polygiene’s CEO.

Meet Dcore and see the company’s new collection at the Fitness Festival at the Stockholm International Fairs and Congress Centre, November 25 – 27, Booth C15:28.