Biomaster boosts hygiene on trains and buses

Publish date: 21 Dec 2021

Passenger comfort specialist Train Bits & More Ltd. (TBM) has partnered with Biomaster to offer bus and train operators greater product protection against bacteria on mass transit systems. Biomaster antimicrobial technology can now be built into coatings for handrails, seat handles and arm rests supplied by TBM to fleet operators across the UK.
Addmaster is a wholly owned subsidiary of Polygiene® ( – the product Biomaster is offering antimicrobial protection for hard surfaces found in consumer products, public spaces as well as in hospital environments and more.

“Biomaster offers great opportunities in the public transport segment and a strong driving force is of course the ongoing pandemic. The demand for antimicrobial protection as a preventive measure continues to grow and the transport sector is a very interesting area strategically,” says Ulrika Björk, CEO Polygiene.

As millions of people travel home for Christmas, although face coverings on public transport are now mandatory in most countries, fears about hygiene in shared spaces are as valid as they ever were.

Pre-pandemic surveys showed that around one in ten passengers were already put off by the idea of using public transport because no-one really likes touching surfaces, including handrails and grab poles that have come into contact with literally tens of thousands of people.

Bacterial transmission by hand is one of the most common ways in which common pathogens are spread in high-traffic, shared areas. Biomaster antimicrobial technology inhibits the growth of harmful microbes 24/7, helping to keep surfaces more hygienic and reducing the opportunity for bacteria to be transferred.

For existing train and bus fittings coated with under-performing polyester powder coatings, TBM also offers a strip and refurbish service to upgrade to Nylon R-AG+ with Biomaster antimicrobial technology.

Neil Smith, TBM Rail director, explains: “We were challenged by one of the country’s largest train operating companies to find a solution to replace the traditional inferior Polyester Powder Coat with a system that is durable and can withstand the harsh passenger environments of the interiors on trains and buses.

TBM rose to the challenge and now also supplies Nylon R-AG+ with the added value of Biomaster antimicrobial technology. The technical and marketing support we received from Addmaster was invaluable in helping us educate our customers about the benefits of Biomaster.”

Biomaster antimicrobial technology can also be applied to washroom facilities, toilet tanks and piping and also seat covers.

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