Arjowiggins launches Biomaster protected papers

Publish date: 20 May 2021

Arjowiggins Group Ltd, the global manufacturer of famous brand names in paper, has launched an antimicrobial surface treatment for paper products with Biomaster technology. In independent testing to ISO 21702, the papers saw reduction in human Coronavirus in as little as just one hour. The new antimicrobial solution from Arjowiggins proactively inhibit the growth of harmful microbes for the intended lifetime of the product

The solution is added to paper products during manufacture to ensure particles are more concentrated at the surface of the paper. It then works to interrupt cell growth or deactivate microbes that come into contact with the surface of the product. Testing carried out by the paper manufacturer showed its new antimicrobial technology inhibited bacterial growth, including MRSA and E. coli, by up to 99% over a 24 hour period and a greater than 93% reduction in human Coronavirus, in just one hour.

The surface treatment is particularly beneficial where papers are handled by multiple people or where there is a risk of microbial propagation, in hygiene critical environments such as in hospitals, classrooms and hospitality venues. It also offers added value for numerous applications, including packaging, delivery notes, medical prescriptions, restaurant menus, business cards and security papers for passports, ballot papers or cheques.

Gael Depres, central research and development manager at Arjowiggins, explains: “The idea to develop an antimicrobial surface treatment for paper products came about at the start of the pandemic when, as a business, we wanted to play our part during the crisis and beyond. In addition to inhibiting the growth of microbes, the surface treatment does not take away from the attributes of our papers, which print with the same precision and quality that our products are known for without affecting colour, appearance, recyclability or shelf life.”

Sandrine Garnier, managing director of Addmaster, comments: “Our antimicrobial Biomaster additive provides a second line of defence against harmful bacteria. We use silver ion technology, a natural antibacterial, to offer a powerful way of providing a long-lasting barrier against harmful bacteria. It works to reduce the microbial load on surfaces to make the product more hygienic and can be used very effectively in conjunction with cleaning regimes.”

Arjowiggins’ new antimicrobial solution is already available across its Security Papers range and is now available on demand across its full range of uncoated Creative Papers, including HP indigo and dry toner products for digital printing. It is also compatible with all print techniques, including hot foil stamping. For further information visit the company website.

British Addmaster Holdings Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Polygiene since January 2021, with specialist skills within antimicrobial technology and hard surfaces. The company has a range of products for this kind of applications, found in consumer products, public spaces as well as in hospital environments and more.

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